Withstanding the Weather, and Draggin’ the Wagon: A Ravenna Recap.

Withstanding the Weather, and Draggin’ the Wagon: A Ravenna Recap.

Withstanding the Weather, and Draggin’ the Wagon: A Ravenna Recap. 

The Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association’s “Thunder in the Dirt” national points series kicked off its 2024 series by very literally living up to its moniker this weekend. What was slated to be a two session series was cut to one, when the natural thunder took center stage Friday night. Severe thunderstorms, and a deluge of rain put the pullers and crew out of commission for session one. Saturday, the clouds and mist and muck hung around for the better part of the day, and left the murmurings and surmisings in the pits to take on a very uncertain feel. Was there any way we all would be able to go pulling later that night? Well, Outlaws don’t drive all the way from Texas, Wyoming, and the far reaches of the midwest only to chat in the trailers and sleep in their haulers. When pullers want to pull, they pull. With the commitment and effort of an incredibly industrious and determined crew, the track, pits, and staging areas mended, and the show was able to go on. 

As a matter of fact, it did more than just “go on,” it thrived. The track ended up performing beautifully. Our caps off to an exceptional track building crew. The fans came out in droves, creating a standing room only crowd. The pullers rose to the occasion and gave us 11 top tier classes where the competition went down to the wire each time. 

It did not feel like a first-of-the-year hook. This pull felt like each of the drivers had done their homework over the winter, and came to Ravenna in mid-season form. With so many good pieces of equipment, the points races are guaranteed to be close this season, and the entire pull took on that energy. It seemed that drivers knew just how important it was to set the tone early, and grab some all important wins and top five finishes to build those points that will pay dividends in September and October. 

So who did what this weekend? It was a story of defending champions, rookies of the year, and tight battles. Ray Miller began his 2024 season as if last year never ended. Our defending champion in the super modified two wheel drive class came right back to the top to kick start his points campaign with a victory in a very tight class. Fellow truck driver, albeit spinning four tires instead of two, Keith Hammons also seemed to think he was simply following up on a championship display. Winner of the points title in the pro stock four wheel drive truck class last year, Mr. Hammons parked Bi Polar directly in the winners circle, atop a class of twenty solid trucks.

Lane Paulsen and Wes Sievers proved the Outlaws made the right choice in declaring their 2023 rookies of the year; each walking away with a victory in their respective classes. Life in the Fast Lane proved to choose the right road, and won over a group of ten very tough limited pro stock tractors, defeating three National Farm Machinery Show invitees in the process. Wes kept Runnin’ Rowdy in bouds via some fancy brake work and excellent driving talent finishing number one in a class of five excellent light modifieds. 

Two of our most entertaining points chases in 2023 were displayed by the light limited pro stock class, and the light super stock-ag class. Brady and Bubba Goslar went back and forth with Mark Wiggins all year, finally finishing number two in the light limited pros. At the same time, Cory Schlueter went toe to toe with the father son duo from South Dakota all year long, where he eventually finished second in the light super ag class behind Mark and Tyler Ulmer. Brady and Cory each came out with a vengeance, driving their John Deeres to the big side of the track and coming away with victories on Saturday night in Ravenna, searching to finish one spot higher than last season. 

We would like to congratulate winners in all classes from an excellent beginning to what is guaranteed to be a great Outlaw pulling season. Dave Rozeboom parked Red Rock on top of the Super Farm class. Doug Sobotka was the big winner in the 10,000 pound pro stocks. Kurt Bohaboj was burning the excess methanol off after winning the light super stocks. Mike Schultz brought the crowd to their feet by winning his debut Outlaw pass in the brand new Remedy diesel super stock. Cody Behrends proudly represented team turbine by piloting his twin T-55 Lycoming powered modified into the champion spot. 

The fun is just beginning folks. We are sticking in the great state of Nebraska this week as we will head to Norfolk on Friday night, June 14th and Arlington on Saturday night, June 15th. Both pulls will bring you six classes apiece. Norfolk is going to be displaying the super fields, light modifieds, modified two wheel drives, light limited pro stocks, super farms, and limited pro stocks. In Arlington, fans will see: light modifieds, pro stock four wheel drive trucks, light super stock-ag, light limited pro stocks, super farms, and limited pro stocks. Come on out for a great time. It is going to be a packed pulling summer. 

Pullin’ is fun. 

Mike Eitel 

Engagement Specialist

Beer Money Pulling Team



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