Only Good Things Happen After Midnight

Only Good Things Happen After Midnight

On the inaugural edition of This Week In Pulling, the story begins, as most in my life do: getting my wires crossed, making an incorrect assumption, and creating a happy accident. Whilst reaching out to victorious pullers in an effort to congratulate them on their successful championship passes at the National Farm Machinery Show, I touched base with the winner of modified two wheel drive truck clas; my “newest” favorite class (it changes almost weekly). I hopped on the ol’ Facebook messenger machine where I sent out some congratulatory correspondence to Mr. Nelson of the Midnight Motorsports Team. At this point in the story, I would like to speak to all parents out there. If you have a pair of sons, and you name one of them, oh… let’s say… Jared for instance, do us all a favor and name his brother something not the least bit similar. Ignatious, or Bill, heck a boy named Sue, all have good rings to them. As far as I am concerned, Jared and Jeremy (you see where this is going)... sound much too similar. 

“Hello Jeremy, congratulations on your winning run in the Midnight Revenger two wheel drive truck. -Mike from Beer Money Pulling Team.”

The bottom fell out of my stomach when he immediately began discussing not his run, but brother Jared’s. For all those out there having a chuckle on my part, all I can say is, I earned it. But wait just one second, the gears in my head turned rapidly, as I began realizing my mistake, but feeling that it was justified. Jeremy, who normally pilots his own ride called, “Midnight Gambler” had, without a doubt, been in the cockpit of the “Midnight Revenger” truck during the farm show! What gives? Midnights. Nelsons. This is confusing. God help us if there is ever a truck called the Midnight Whip. Texas Nelsons, don’t even think about it. 

At this point, let’s start filtering this murky story, and as we do so, the facts paint a beautifully clear picture that represents everything we love about pulling. Pulling is a family sport. We hear it constantly. It was in fact Jeremy driving his brother Jared’s truck on Thursday night to earn it a spot in the Saturday finals. Jared was away supporting his daughter’s endeavors as she competed for a regional basketball championship. Sacrificing a spot to pull at Freedom Hall to support his kiddo. Dad of the year, no doubt. 

With his spot successfully earned, Jared was able to return Saturday where he drew one of the first two hooks of the class. Who had that other tricky spot? None other than wife Bethany Nelson, here-to-fore unmentioned in her “Sweet Revenge” two wheel drive. Brother parks the truck in finals, Jared sits behind the wheel. Wife hooks right next to him. A first place and second place finish is impossible right? Ah, but only good things happen after Midnight. One and two they went, and first and second they finished. Family pulls for each other, and pulling is all about family. 

Jared and Bethany, just remember, you owe one to Jeremy and Misty next year!


Green flags and tight chains. Pullin’ is fun. 

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