A Busy Start to an Exciting Season

A Busy Start to an Exciting Season

A Busy Start to an Exciting Season

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the new role that I now play in truck and tractor pulling is the many different hats I am able to wear when I attend pulls and interact with pullers. While, yes, I do have a nice collection of pulling headwear, and ballcaps, I am of course, speaking metaphorically here. I am now able to experience pulls as a: fan, father, announcer, interviewer, content creator, pulling team member, writer, and social media specialists. I say that last one very loosely. My teammates at Beer Money Pulling don’t really let me touch the camera equipment. Over the past two weekends I have been on the road doing my duties with pullers and the pulls themselves, wearing nearly each of these hats. Let’s take a moment on this beautiful Monday morning to look back and examine each role and experience. 

Two Saturdays ago, I began a new-to-me project. Our youtube channel (BMPT) is launching a behind the scenes inside look at pullers’ shops, where we will be touring those gracious enough to host us. Be sure to check that out soon! As it is, I have been traveling to pullers’ work places in northern and central Missouri to film content. On this particular Saturday morning, I was lucky enough to find myself in Macon, Missouri at the Lewis Body Shop, home to driver Cody Lewis and his newest version of the “Fired Up” modified four wheel drive. The tour was a ton of fun, as I was welcomed by the whole family. The shop was spotless. The truck is sure to be competitive. 

Later that same day, I rushed home to take my interviewer cap off, and replace it with my father and fan hats. It was down to Boonville, Missouri for an open to anyone test and tune, and a Mid-Missouri Truck and Tractor Pullers Association event. I took my oldest son with me. We spent more time walking the pits, talking to pullers, and dreaming about cool toys (big and small), than we did watching the pull. What we did see from the test and tune showed us a lot of local iron we hadn’t seen before, a plethora of horsepower, and even a little carnage from one of our Outlaw buddies. 

The following weekend I found myself with yet another different hat on. This time it was all about learning and growing as an announcer, my true passion in this sport. I traveled to Nashville, Illinois where I played the role of color announcer alongside Dan Mayer. We need to type this sentence again so it can sink in. My whole life I wanted to be a pulling announcer, and, as a rookie, I was blessed and fortunate enough to be working alongside one of the most legendary voices in all of sports broadcasting at one of the premier destination pulls in the country. There aren’t sufficient words to analyze this experience. I will allow you all to use your imaginations. It was a dream come true. As a bonus, the Saturday night session was one of the top five single sessions in pulling I have ever seen. Not to mention the booth we announced from was air conditioned. A test and tune the week before with my son. Calling the pullers championship the next week. Two very different types of pulls. Two very different hats worn. Two equally fulfilling experiences. 

After returning home, we wrapped up the semester on the “real job” and dove headfirst into summer break. By the middle part of the week, another shop tour had surfaced on my calendar, so it was off to Terry Hagedorn’s shop where we spent the better part of the morning talking pulling history, engineering, and horsepower development. As different as the test and tune and pullers championship were, so too were the two modified four wheel drive truck pullers’ shops I’d seen. One driver is a body man. The other driver is an engine builder. One shop was concise and spotless. One shop was sprawling and filled with all the evidence of a man who rolls up his sleeves and gets in the grease. While listening to Terry tell me all the tales of “Gun Powder and Lead” and “Kickin’ Up Dust” (his current two modified four wheel drive trucks), one thing became very apparent to me. This man has a deep passion for pulling, horsepower, and steering the sport in the right direction through his quality workmanship. 

It’s been a busy start to an awesome season! The fun is just beginning. This Memorial Day weekend was spent away from the sport as a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who allow us to go pulling anytime we want, and to spend some much needed time with family. However, you know I won’t be away from the track, or the shops too long! Tomorrow we are back at it with another local shop tour. Then it’s off to Ravena, Nebraska to kick off the Outlaw season where I will be on the microphone alongside the voice of the Outlaws himself, Mr. Ron Stone. Thank you for reading, guys. 

Pullin’ is fun. 

Green flags and tight chains. 

Mike Eitel 

Beer Money Pulling Team

Engagement Specialist



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